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Consumer Products Industries

The mission of the Consumer Products Industry Committee is to promote licensing in the consumer products industries, including branded products, by, inter alia, promoting networking among its members, sponsoring appropriate educational activities such as workshops, lectures, and seminars and identifying and collaborating on problem areas of concern to, and major new developments in, these industries.

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The goals of the Consumer Products Industry Committee for 2011-2012 include the following:

  • Develop with assistance from the LESI External Relations Committee an Outreach strategy for contacting and collaborating with relevant professional and business organizations in the consumer products sector (e.g. UL, CPSC, etc.) who have licensing/technology transfer as part of their agenda
  • Coordinate with the LESI External Relations Committee to identify relevant target third party consumer products organizations (e.g. AICAG, ACS, IEEE, etc.) who have licensing/technology transfer as a significant part of their agenda and to implement the Outreach strategy to make and maintain contact with them and to collaborate on activities with them
  • Seek to produce an LES Workshop and Webinar on key licensing/technology transfer issues for the industry moderated by the Consumer Products Industry Committee but comprising presenters from the third party organizations. The program should focus on similarities and differences regarding such key issues between the organizations.
  • Conduct/sponsor at least one Workshop at the 2012 LESI Annual Conference
  • Secure and sponsor at least one publication in les Nouvelles
  • Populate and maintain the Committee pages on the LESI Website
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